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Coach Rick Karboviak

2010 ASFA Trainer Challenge Winner

ASFA Sport-Specific Trainer & Kettlebell Instructor


Coach Rick Karboviak has been a Revolutionary Running Coach since 2000:


His experiences with coaching Cross-Country, Track, & a career in fitness & sports training has taught him


These 2 Main Eye-Opening Discoveries:


1. Technology is re-shaping the Future of Running. GPS Speed Monitoring IS the FUTURE of running performance!


2. Kettlebells are REVOLUTIONIZING the way that coaches, trainers, & athletes look at training for performance!



Today's Runners can enjoy the following benefits, with the simple applications of GPS Technology & Kettlebells to their training:


Runners can enjoy:


1. Less Miles For Training Runs!

2. More Power When Going Up Hills!

3. More Enjoyment with Training!

4. Better Performances in Races!


Just a few of Coach Karboviak’s applications of these discoveries have created the following advancements in running:


-        A VERY SIMPLE method for measuring distances for practices, at each racing level: 3K, 4K, and 5K (it is so simple, it's amazing no one else thought of it beforehand!)


-        Applying Kettlebell Training to create superb power for climbing hills and handling the forces of downhill running


-        Using GPS data collection graphs to evaluate practice courses and effects of each course on his athletes



(See how he used this innovative "333 Meters" workout, WHY he used it, how SIMPLE it was to do, and what this graph tells you about your running performance!)


-        Applying a Periodized Training System that boosted race-pace VO2 ratings of his runners by an average of 20% or more, per athlete!


-        Discovering just how long those ‘long runs’ really need to be


-        Learning how to train multi-sport athletes, without sacrificing speed, explosiveness, and power in the athletes!


-        Discover New Strength Training Circuits that CONDITION the entire body, not just separate muscles that look pretty and don’t perform!


Running Secrets:

Created & Unleashed To You!



This Package is:



The New Revolution in Running!



AND Coach Rick's Recently Released:

 Kettlebell Power Training

For Sports & Fitness



Both of these guides are E-books, downloadable after purchase, for just a small on!


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Great Results!


For Less Than The Cost of A Pair of Shoes, you can get all the secrets and applications that Coach Karboviak has created and devised for his athletes.


You’ll learn how to apply the new GPS technology to the training of runners.


You'll see how Kettlebells can wake up the entire world of running...


You’ll gain new knowledge on how old training methods simply aren’t ideal any more for today’s multi-sport, multi-demand athlete.


You’ll get Coach Karboviak’s unique insight on why he thinks old training methods aren’t the best way to train kids, what his pet peeves are with other training methods, and how he believes we can find a solution to make the sport of running the best around for youth participation.



All of this, from a Running Coach who's written for such great sports training sites like,, and, all about the topic of GPS Speed Training...


Even in the top-notch coaching magazine, "Coach & Athletic Director"!


Those sites & the magazine have noticed how Coach Karboviak is changing the way that sports training professionals look at the sport of running. Its not just for the 'slow kids' of other sports any more!


Obtain these Top Secret Training Tips for only $39!


 Rock-Solid Guarantee:


Coach Karboviak is so confident that his methods and strategies will work for your team, your athletes, your clients, and even yourself, he fully GUARANTEES it! 


If for any reason you feel that the tips & techniques that are discussed in “Endure!" or "KettleBolics" are not working for you, you will get a full refund, no questions asked!



 Secrets + Bonuses = An Even Greater Edge For You...


Other additions to “Endure!” are:


-        The Road Warrior Training Program!  This is Coach Karboviak’s unique method on how to train a multi-sport athlete, one who’s training for a winter, spring, and/or summer sport, while trying to prepare for cross-country or track. He’ll show you how to fully analyze and develop a plan for your athlete, or yourself, if you want to apply the latest in high-intensity training techniques to the fullest!


-        A free, Email Coaching Consultation with Coach Karboviak!  This is a $17 value alone, and you’ll get free, one-on-one advice for your training needs: whether youre a coach, trainer, or athlete, get the knowledge straight from the expert himself! Coach Rick wants to SERVE YOU in getting better as a runner.






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Just look at what you can gain:


-        Coaches: gain more knowledge on how to use those "GPS things" with your runners who are currently using them!


-        Trainers: you can gain more wisdom on how GPS & Kettlebells can help out your running client base, and keep them going strong!


-        Runners: you'll gain more speed, stamina, and confidence once you start applying the GPS training methods, and the kettlebell training workouts will make hills feel like they are no challenge at all!




Let's recap this amazing package:


For only $39, you can get:


The "Endure!" e-book


The "Road Warrior Training Program"



The "KettleBolics" E-book


Plus: a FREE Phone/Email Consultation

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Coach Rick Karboviak!



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"You don’t want to miss out on this offer. 


Quite frankly, there’s nowhere else where you can get CUTTING-EDGE information on this new style of training for the grueling, yet simple sport of running.


I've assembled the best of what I know, into this eye-opening package on new and innovative methods, which have ROCKED the foundation of Running!


My ideas are so non-traditional, I've had a major running magazine tell me that my methods are 'too controversial' to mention. It's too bad they are so close-minded to new ideas and strategies to help out the enthusiasts of running.


It is why I feel that the Paradigm in the sport of Running needs to shift, and Endure! & KettleBolics is creating that shift.


Traditional methods flat-out stink. 

They don't get the job done for today's average youth runner, or even a beginning runner for fitness.


Coaches, Trainers, & Runners deserve better than what they've been fed throughout the years, which has been going off programs that are based off some old wonder-kid, or super-talented runner.


For instance, doing Steve Prefontaine's workouts will not create the next Steve Prefontaine.


"Pre" was a gift to the sport.

You can't re-create a gift.


You can only improve upon the gifts you have as an athlete, and every athlete is unique, precious, and unrepeatable, as to what they can bring to the team.


The Time Is NOW.  Don't waste it.

Stop settling for recycled programs as your lone resource for a new running solution.


Order "Endure!" & "KettleBolics" if you truly want to create a new solution for your running needs!"


- Coach Rick Karboviak, author of "Endure!" & "KettleBolics"



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